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N°35 Av 11 January Cité Dakhla Agadir
(Facing the square of the small Taxis Dakhla)

05 28 21 50 97
06 72 50 12 26
05 28 21 50 97

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Hotel Management Commercial technician Restoring Agent
Cuisinier technician Professional license Professional Master
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The REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY (The I.RTH) is a private training institution approved by the State which provides university students and students with or without the Baccalaureate certificate a professional training in tourism, hotel and business of high-level enabling them to learn high-demand occupations in the job market.

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Hotel Management
This branch is designed to train specialized technicians in hotel management with a mission to participate in the control of the reception tasks
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Commercial technician
The TACM serves to attract new customers and win new business for his company, but also keep and retain existing customers
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Technician Cook
The technician cook is a professional chef who is in charge of preparing menus and who manages the basic material addressed to the kitchen.
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Restoring Agent
This is a person in charge of welcoming customers in a restaurant. He is able to serve and perform preparations in this type of structure.
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Professional License
European Diploma of Higher Studies in Management and Management of SMEs, Marketing, Safety, Environment and Tourism and Hospitality.
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Professional Master
IRTH offers European MASTER of Management and Tourism Strategy and a MASTER of European Management and Financial Strategies.
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